The Enchantress Part Deux

zibska Sammi_001 final

“Love God HERSELF”

Inspired by the Movie ‘Suicide Squad’ It must be known the Enchantress is my Favorite Character to battle the super humans. When She is brainwashed by the witty Amanda Waller, who is determined to control her from a far. The Enchantress goes toe to toe in a battle over her heart and mind.


Runaway – Enchantress Hair @ We ❤ To RP

Zibska’s Sammi Face paint is a dotted Splatter of Beauty, Chin Art in 12 Color Palettes for Omega Appliers, TMP  and System Tattoo Layers. @ We ❤ to RP

Collar – Zibska’s Karval – Offers a texture Change for this Dramatically Avant Gard piece by Zibska also @ We ❤ to RP

S0ng Eyes -Kustom 9

Channeling Lisa Bonet In Angel Heart a 1987 Classic of rural Horror and equally psychologically charged Movie. ‘Reveling in Darkness is maybe all you can do…’

Thank you,




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