When Your A Virtual Diva….You Know they lookin’

Virtual Diva MAjestic_002

So I’m Puttin’ on a show now….

ACHROMATIC Kicked off this Weekend with an Awesome show Presented by SCALA and WINDLIGHT Magazine

The Meaning of Achromatic –  refracting light without dispersing it into its constituent colors : giving images practically free from extraneous colors <an achromatic telescope> 2 : not readily colored by the usual staining agents. 3 : possessing no hue : being or involving black, gray, or white : neutral <achromatic visual sensations

The Start off of My Blog Covering this Event is “Majestic Gown” By Virtual Diva @ Achromatic Showroom  Boutique – This ensemble is a unique mesh dress with a frill on the back and butterflies in Achromatic filter of black and whites. Thank You Angels Kristen ❤

Styled with LODE -Butterfly Rare head dress @ Chapter Four

Virtual Diva MAjestic_005

Collar Added from sYs – Isis Collar @ We ❤ RP

Thank You,




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