Mami ,Valsnia + Heth Haute Couture High Value Luxor

Azul valsnia_001

Mami is back with Azul by Mami Jewel Valsnia Gown for MVW 2016 Miss India, Amazing flowing gown. Mami Welcome back!

Jewelry by Heth Haute Couture by Hethwen Collinwood – Lexa  Platinum set earrings, bracelet, and Brooch also this hot necklace completes the set! It is also available in Rose Gold, and Diamonds, High Fashion Couture! ❤ Thank you Hethwen

azzul valsnia_003

Hair- Moon Tournaquet II

Valsnia made this hat for Arts in Hat show 2015, it was so awesome I decided to use it for this blog post. Miss you Friend. High Fashion Couture

azzul valsnia_002


Thank You,


“I believe in all your dreams” – Mecca




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