You May Not Enter Quilombo


Today’s post features RAPTURE™ in the abstract piece called Ayanna Dress in White @ The Instruments. I love this design its unique with folds and textures in a geo/abstract design. The collar is folded in and then out on one side comes in many colors.  I chose White for this post because I love how the color chimes in on my skin tone.

Styled with

Hair – Emo-tions – Joleen

Jewelry – Ryca – Feathers Gold

Staff- Enfant Terrible – Rare MoonChild

Make Up- Face Paint- La Boheme

Escaped slaves formed Maroon[32] communities which played an important role in the histories of other countries such as Suriname, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Jamaica. In Brazil the Maroon villages were called quilombos and the most famous was Quilombo dos Palmares. Here escaped slaves, army deserters, mulattos, and indigenous flocked to participate in this underground society. Quilombos reflected the people’s will and soon the governing and social bodies of Palamares mirrored Central African political models. From 1605 to 1694 Palmares grew and attracted thousands from across Brazil. Though Palmares was eventually defeated and its inhabitants dispersed among the country, the formative period allowed for continuation of African traditions and helped create a distinct African culture in Brazil. (Source Wikipedia)

Info On Rapture

Thank you,
” I do this because i love art and story telling.”

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