Samba Queen Giving Face With Jumo!

samba queen fb

Jumo’s Fashion & Beauty  Sexy Corset, Burlesque ensemble, Jumo’s Glam Valentine is Glamorous ❤

Drag Queen makeup – Mad’s Latrice  @La Boucherie Tattoo layers also for Mesh Heads.  I picked this one up at Genre event.

Iconic hair -Von Dita hair – I just loved it @ On9  – Shopping for this hair was a perfect fit especially the Von Dita name … Oh Yes!

jumo khan_1001

Jumo’s Khan @ the Instruments 

Wearing Jumo’s Hollie Mesh Head and shape with awesome Colorful freckles

Khan is amazing with its jewelry slit at the top and bottom showing off all the sexiest of woman’s curves.

jumo rivolir_001

Jumo’s Rivoli @ Swank is another awesome ensemble with jewels  fit for a Queen!

Jumo’s Fashion & Beauty Riley Make up

Tuty’s hair -Vintage Bob

jumo rivoli_001

Thank You




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