Looking Back

the annex chap 4_001 final

Beu Corset is a New release from The Annex is at Chapter Four. A Corset which resembles a tank in the front but cross ties at the back to a tight corset. Embodies full sexiness in the brand.  Can be worn as lingerie, or dressed in casual as seen here. Either way this Corset is Sexy. Chapter four is opening today. Mesh Body Compatible, as well as Classic avatar sizes. New!

Styled with

L&H – Hanging Fur – Sleeve dangling fur off the shoulders and down the arm and draping – This one is leather but they come in Faux fur , leather in various colors.New!

Minimal – This Bracelet is called ABC Hud driven in 6 colors. I chose Gold as a metal accent color.

Pants – DirtyMind.  Valia Leggings.

2016 is important to be Mindful, make a choice of happiness. Live in the moment. Look back on 2015 only for a moment to learn how to move forward. Sometimes you have to let people go, not as casualties but only to trek lighter. Never Compromise You, stay confident in who you are. (Note to myself)



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