Lady in Waiting…


The Look

(Byrne) Nancoix combo Beret and Dress, when you are waiting for love, play for keeps.Just like in love – “keep going til you land that rare”. Might take a few tries but its inevitable- Apocketfullofbutterflies.

This outfit is @ the Sequin Event  – Gold beret – Rare .- Open from Oct 1- 15th

Byrne designed this  lovely drop collar cuffed turtleneck mini sweater dress in metallic damask and dark padded velvets.
Sold in ROSE with SIlver and Copper versions, TEAL with Silver and Copper version,
BLUE with Gold and Copper versions and VELVET in Blue & Deep Purple and Black&Olive comes in an array of colors, play the commons,  wait on it and get the Rare.

The lovely poses are from Agapee poses new release –Agapee Pose set 19 (Gown tight)

Stilettos- Lindy – Delinda nude

Purse- OVH. – Leda bag -Pearl


ApocketfullofButterflies for (Byrne)

Style your Imagination!


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