Secrets Du Jour my LOTD

Du Jour Flamingo Dress_001

Du Jour featured dress called Flamingo styled with necklaces from Tantalum called Greeley at Fashiontropic

Emo-tions- LIV hair fair 2015 Gift (free)

Bangles from Amarelo Mango

Molichino- Clutch

Exxes- Hair Fair Gift 2015 – earrings

Du Jour Flamingo Dress_002

Du Jour’s Flamingo has layers curves and textures that shows details to this tie dye dress which comes in many colors to fit your taste. It features high/low style seen in RL fashion for Summer 2015. This 2nd look is all pink.. hair flower from Poute which is also at Fashiontropic

Items seen here not at the event are

Clutch From Reign also called Flamingo in pink

BB – Necklace – Gift

Hair fair Gift 10 yr anniversary from Moon (free)

Du Jour Flamingo Dress_003

This 3rd look at Du Jour’s Flamingo (At Fashiontropic )styled with  Vanity Fairs Hair Fair Gift 205 which comes with a hud for the hair textures tied in a pony tail down the back.

Necklace Andromeda from Modern. Couture

Leather Buckle Gloves From – G493

Ring- Chop Zuey- Laughter and Ressurrection

Thank You,



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