Fun Inside and Out!

Vero MOdero Food

Vero Modero’s New Collection Fun4 Fashion is is indicative of its name. This collections is moody on the happy side and it makes me feel youthful and optimistic.

I just saw the Pixar movie, ‘ Inside Out‘ which talked about the effects of color and mood in emotions and thought processes. Some of those suffering with depression and sadness would appreciate the movie as its a study of the human brain in a child like way from an adult perspective but made in pixels. It is heavily focused on the idea of happiness, memories and how sadness is needed to make Happiness and Fun more powerful memory.

Here i was a little whimsical feeling good with my Mushrooms i got from Candy Fair 2015 where my daughter and I had fun with the gatcha I got this amazing slink tattoo of a chocolate cup cake made by Bella Elephante. Seen above the Fun4 Fashion Collection by Vero Modero comes in so many styles full dresses or you have a choice of top with a skirt. Star4 dress in Comet, Hansen, Splash, and Sparkles are so much fun!The whimsical mushrooms +Half Deer+ along with this addable llama lol it was all really cute. Ofcourse I wore my Vero Modero Star4 Dress seen below with Little Bones hair-Moon in chromatic colors.

Vero modero cream_001

Accessories – Purse from Yrwin Naglo For Pantomima

Sneakers – Flite-Zypershooz- Pink

Finesmith – pass gift- Hawaiian Glory- Yellow

Sunglasses- Fishy Strawberry – Fly Glasses


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