Colour Of Couture Challenge 2 Significant Women of Color!

Katherine Dunham_001 Katherine Dunham_002 Sirleaf President_001 Sirleaf President_002 Sirleaf President_003

Style Card

Hat- Vita Boudoir -Summer Hat
Hair -Boon- Zpo133 -Black
Earrings- Ryca – Hoop -CDW Gold
Bangles; Mandala – Takara Bangles Caramel and INdigo/ cream
Necklace 1- B&B Botanica – Oshun Eleke Santeria Beads
Necklace 2- Izzie’s Pearl- Blue
Walking Stick- B&B Botanica – Hoodoo Walking stick (mp)
Blouse1- h.m.a.e., Enrietta-Vichy shirt- Yellow
Bouse2- Gizza Pure Romance Blouse- Satin Lemon Peplum layer
Skirt- Purple Moon- Marilyn in Red Sculpted skirt
Pumps- Painted and Licked (L&P)- Marisol Pumps Lime for slink Mid
Lipstick- Pink Acid- Overlone done -fake lips – Coral

Pose ; Posesion Karu 5
Significant women of Color
Katherine Dunham:

I chose to portray Katherine Dunham the dancer choreographer and creator of the Dunham dance technique and Dunham Dance Studio because she was an iconic player during the black renaissance in American history working behind the scenes for movies like, “Stormy Weather” and “Cabin in the Sky.” (1940s) Her portrayal of Santeria traditions in her choreography and studies of Candomble and Voodoo dance traditions lead to the understanding of spirituality for Blacks and Caribbean Americans. I am inspired by her movement which produced other Black Americans such as Alvin Ailey ( and the Alvin Ailey Dance School) and Eartha Kitt, both were her students. Katherine believed in helping others. She was a teacher and anthropologist. Her first love being dance, she helped catapult the study of Yoruba culture and religion to a population who hadn’t any knowledge of their language and culture. She is important part of American History and the Arts.

Thank you,


Shirley Chisholm is an American woman who ran for president for the democratic party but then had to run on an independent Ballot. She is of Caribbean ancestry and is a Black American.

President Ellen Sirleaf Is president of Liberia and first female president of any African Country and a woman of color . She was elected in 2006 to lead Liberia back to health after challenges in genocide and diamond miner greed as well as fighting Ebola.

Celia Cruz is the famed and acclaim Mother of Latin music and Afro-Latin songstress with a unique style. She started the colorful wig wearing similar to Nicki Minaj but graceful and elegant and fun to watch and dance to.


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