Native American Secret Affair

Snapshot _ The Secret Affair, Ippos (10, 50, 20) - Moderate

Eloquence and sophistication is everything to her. She is Mecca Marie Juliesse Aftermath and though thats alot to say off the tips of your lips her grace is shadowed by perfection and creativity. She is a diva yet in mourning for the love her dad in Second life. She found time to lend us her Fashion Couture Magnifique in pose and swag/ Representing the Native American cascade bought to you from the Secret Affair head to Toe. If you from NYC you know you been rockin a shearling since you were born! Here Paperbag gives us that dope Fur in White!

Hair- Little Bones ‘Snow Spell II’ In Blonde

Lipstick : KOOQLA Plum

EyeShadow by NOX totem Shadow in pink

Necklace:  Dirtymind ‘Eagle Chain Necklace in Rose gold From Fi*Friday

Fur : Paperbag  “White Rita Shearling”

Skirt : May’s Soul ‘Harvest Moon’ Grey Fur skirt

Model: ((ApocketfullofButterflies Resident)) aka Mecca MJ Aftermath

Photography: Isis Sabahi


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